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So, I was offered the position and I think this is going to work out splendidly. The pay is perfect for me (read: not that awesome, but a great starting point), the position will look kickass on my resume, I will be able to gauge what I am really wanting in life (SAHM vs. Working), make a little extra cash, and get to know myself outside of the walls of my home. 

The nervous parts? This feels like a huge leap. This is my first “real” job with “real” responsibilities. I worry about maintaining my supply (I have some thoughts like “what if the pump doesn’t work for me” or IDK, something else catastrophic in my mind). I worry that Everett will simply not get along without me. I see all of the ridiculous pieces in there and I have watched enough of you super moms to know that it all ends up being okay in the end. But, it’s just hard to make that jump for myself and to let myself not feel a pit in my stomach. 

Here’s to growing up and utilizing my degree - something I thought would never happen. 

The happy part is that this job is temporary and is just through the holidays… so it will be a nice test to see what the life of a working mom is actually like. 

Here goes nothing…

*Note: If you have tips or tricks for me as a working mother/parent please feel free to get in touch and let me know anything you think is useful! It is always appreciated!

  1. ironphenix said: Congratulations Bonnie so proud of you and for you!! It will all work out
  2. backali said: I second the fenugreek and you can try pumping one side while feeding on the other (not an easy task). You can freeze milk for 6 mos., so start now. Good luck!
  3. thesoftcaressofhappiness said: Yay! Congrats!!!
  4. lizlivinglife said: Congrats, Bonnie!! <3
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